True Taos Radio interview, first excerpt

  • "'Curious Incident' gets percussive welcome as Philly's latest 'One Book' program opens" - NewsWorks
  • "A Young Composer Inspired by the 2017 One Book, One Philadelphia Selection" - WRTI 
  • Radio feature on True Taos Radio - Excerpt 1 / Excerpt 2
  • BBC Radio Oxford interview discussing the Oxford Laptop Orchestra - BBC Radio

True Taos Radio interview, second excerpt


  • Composer Spotlight for the 2017 Underwood New Music Readings - SoundAdvice
  • Minnesota Orchestra's Meet a Composer - Showcase


The WAAC's first annual TEA Talk

  • Interview with WHYY Philadelphia, to air with "On Stage at Curtis"
  • Televised TEA Talk with the Westport Arts Advisory Committee - WAAC
  • Interview with Oxford in Voice - University of Oxford


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